It takes a VILLAGE to raise a GIRL

STANDING STRONG CO. is a collective group of health, wellbeing,
social & life skill educators, supporting & empowering tween & teen girls.
Standing Strong Club


You CAN make a DIFFERENCE in the life of a GIRL!


Empowerment & Education


Health & Wellbeing


Mindfulness & Self Care

Online Academy

Create online courses for girls to learn and grow. Topics can include anything from emotional smarts, nutrition, leadership & money, to how to change a car tire. This is the place to empower girls from the comfort of their own homes, while still offering all the support and encouragement needed to face the world standing strong.

Girl Talk Forum

Join the conversations and even create your own Girl Talk thread. Topics include everything from mental health, depression and anxiety, to studying, relationships, career choices, fitness, body changes and hormones. Our Girl Talk forum is the perfect place to help girls feel less alone and more supported through the challenges they face.

Local Events

Do you offer teen workshops, events, classes or programs? You will have access to our events platform where you can advertise, promote and take bookings for events in your local area. This is the perfect place to make a difference in your local community through face to face connection, while also having the platform to support your participants online before and after your events.

Inspirational Videos

Create inspiring videos to help girls feel motivated and supported. Your videos can be based on your specialty or can simply be uploaded to encourage motivation and connection. Your videos can help girls to open their minds, learn new ways of doing things, laugh, cry, grow and feel empowered for life.

Uplifting Audios

Upload motivating, educational, funny and inspiring audios. Create your own music, visualisations, guided meditations, topics of discussion, interviews or podcasts. This is the place to share your voice! It is also a special place to encourage and support girls who create their own songs and music.

Connection & Belonging

Our online and face to face community brings inspirational women together to give girls greater access to ongoing support, programs, information and connection. It’s an open minded, inspirational and empowering place where girls can feel they belong.


  • Find other girls who are kind, supportive, encouraging and fun
  • Build confidence, self-esteem and self-love
  • Feel empowered to make positive life choices
  • Embrace individuality and uniqueness
  • Become more open minded and accepting of others
  • Feel supported and encouraged to overcome challenges

Be an inspiring role model and help girls to believe in themselves and their own potential for health, happiness and career success.

If you are a health, wellness, social or life skills professional, then this is the place for you to make a real difference!

In The Media

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Face the World
Standing Strong!

Help girls to feel encouraged and supported for who they are, just the way they are!

  • Helping girls to see themselves and their bodies in a positive and empowered way
  • Showing how self-care and self-love can help to improve your confidence, self-esteem and body-image
  • Encouraging resilience from the pressures of bullying and the opinions of others
  • Building resilience to embrace their own individuality and uniqueness
  • Helping girls to become more accepting and supportive of others
  • Building self awareness and emotional smarts
  • Improving health and wellbeing
  • Building self-belief, inner strength and positive decision making

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Supported By Oprah Winfrey

Standing Strong was invited by Oprah Winfrey to attend her "An Evening With Oprah" event in Perth, Western Australia. We received 100 tickets from Oprah for our girls and a special VIP meet & greet.

“I want to tell you a little bit about Kim Smith (From Standing Strong), they are a Total Wellness Club for Girls teaching girls how to stand strong. One of the things they try to do is help girls believe in themselves and create deeper connections through after school programs in Perth. So if you’re looking for something wonderful to support Standing Strong, Kim says her vision is for the girls hearts to feel full”. - Oprah Winfrey.

What Girls Say About US


Liv - 10 yrs

“It’s like another home to me, like a place where I can be myself. I love this place!”

Caitlin - 13 yrs

“It means to me that I can be helped with all the stuff that has been happening at school and I can make some new friends"

Megan - 12yrs

“A place where I can talk to someone if I have something wrong. I love the way I feel safe and happy here”

Sarah - 12yrs

“Being at the club helps me to get away from the pressures of life”

Sophie - 18 yrs

“A lovely safe environment where girls of different ages can come to and be themselves. It’s like a safe little second home”

Kelly - 13 yrs

“A safe place where I can be my goofy, silly, courageous self without worrying how I look or if anyone would judge me”
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Topics You Can Share...

Share your knowledge, inspire and grow with an inspirational community...

  • Inner Strength, Motivation & Mindsets
  • Individuality, Body Image & Self Esteem
  • Stress & Anxiety, Depression & Loneliness
  • Nutrition, Exercise, Yoga & Fitness
  • Relaxation, Meditation & Mindfulness
  • Friendships, Love & Relationships
  • Fashion & Style, Makeup & Body Care
  • Communication & Emotional Smarts
  • Careers, Money, Study & Education
  • Body Care, Puberty & Body Changes
  • Self Belief, Determination & Goal Setting
  • Creative Expression, Art & Music
  • Bullying, School Pressure & Boundaries
  • & Much much more!


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I had my first vision of Standing Strong at the age of 18. After overcoming my own teenage struggles I was inspired to create a space where I could help other girls so they didn’t feel as alone as I did.

My goal for Standing Strong is to be the support network, the inspiration, and the connection girls and families are searching for. I hope girls can feel connected and empowered and above all else, use Standing Strong as a place to explore their own identity, individuality, inner strength and sense of self.

Kim Smith

Standing Strong Founder

"When I was a young girl I needed someone that cared enough to show me ways to develop into the woman I am today. I had a hard time finding those key role models and mentors while suffering events and circumstances no girl should have to endure. However, I had a few key individuals that made sure I never gave up. My passion in working to change how we support girls, I’m paying it forward and being the change I wish to see in the world."


Instructor - Las Vegas Nevada

"I am a firm believer that the education system teaches us so much, but has been missing the most important lesson of all, teaching individuals how to love themselves. Standing Strong has picked up on that and have provided a safe, non-judgemental environment where girls learn how to be confident, resilient, self-aware, healthy and above all else, a space where girls are encouraged to be kind to themselves. As most of our instructors, mentors and parents constantly say, "I wish I had something like this when I was growing up!"


Instructor - Perth Western Australia

We want to create a community of girls that are strong, proud, healthy, and happy. Girls today will face many challenges as they grow up, but by providing them with self confidence, self awareness and motivation, they can overcome these challenges. Girls should support each other and empower each other to be successful in all areas of life."

Nicole and Jess

Instructor - Putnam Valley, New York USA

Who can join Standing Strong

Inspirational, Motivating and Supportive Professional Women


Share Your Skills
  • Counsellors
  • Life Coaches
  • Psychologists
  • Teachers
  • Social Workers
  • Behaviour Therapists
  • Personal Trainers
  • Motivational Leaders


Share Your Knowledge
  • Fitness Instructors
  • Yoga Instructors
  • Pilates Instructors
  • Dance Teachers
  • Mentors & Youth Workers
  • Nutritionists & Dieticians
  • Sports & Health Scientists
  • Health & Wellbeing Leaders
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Share Your Experience
  • Meditation Instructors
  • Creative Therapists
  • Reiki & Energy Healers
  • Holistic Health Professionals
  • Doctors
  • Positive Social Influencers
  • Managers & Leaders
  • Educators & More...
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Benefits to Girls

- A sense of connection & support
- A place to make friends & feel less lonely
- A place to access health, wellness and life skill information
- A place to share their experiences
- A place to support & encourage other girls
- A positive and uplifting online experience
- Access to positive role models
- 24/7 access from anywhere with internet
- FREE for all girls aged 8-21 years of age!!!

Benefits to You

A place to give back and make a difference in the world
- A sense of fulfilment & contribution
- Be a part of a global social enterprise
- A place to share experiences & utilise knowledge & skills
- Promote your events, programs and classes
- A place to deliver online courses
- A place to promote your services, take bookings & process payments
- A place to learn more about young people, their needs and thoughts on the world.
- For $19/mth your membership enables girls to receive their membership for FREE!

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